If statement is not always followed by a condition in java

This code will compile and run. Notice the assignment operator(=) in the condition.

boolean a;
boolean b = true;
   //do anything;
   //this compiles

But this won’t compile

int a;
int b = 5;
   //notice its still = not ==
   //do anything;
   //this does not compile

The reason is because the previous code’s a is of

type and the latter’s is of

statement is not necessarily followed by a condition.
is not a condition. Its an assignment. But it works if the left variable (i.e. a) is of a boolean type.

So its better if we think

instead of
. Anyway, a condition like a==b or a>b etc will result a boolean result.

Simple Java Minesweeper Game.

This was the final assignment for JAC444 at Seneca. Its a simple minesweeper java applet game. Kyle and I worked on this together. I realized team of 2 is better than 1 or 2+. In pair programming, one of the programmer types the codes while the other look over his mistakes and makes sure they are working in right direction. Sort of like rally driving, one person drives while the other gives navigation information. This game could use some improvement for rendering. Download Source

Absolute beginner’s guide to Eclipse

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