Google play store update not receiving for alpha or beta tester

If your testers are not receiving the update option for alpha or beta testing, try the following
  • Make sure you followed Google’s instruction correctly. That is, a) Create google group b) Add the tester to the group c) Make sure tester accepts to be a tester
  • If your tester has several Google accounts in his/her phone, then either add all these accounts as testers or remove non tester accounts from the phone. ‘Application already exists’ notification error shows up if you have any non testing Google account in the device. It is just┬ábest┬áto have only one Google account in the device which is the testing account.

Capital City to Country Android Quiz App

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Just about a couple of weeks ago, I released a free android app called ‘Capital City to Country Quiz’. There are a bunch similar apps in the Google Play Store. The main difference at the time of this writing about my quiz app is that the quiz is set opposite. Most of the capital cities app shows country name to player and the player has to guess the capital city. In the app I created, it shows the capital name and the player has to guess the country. There are few reasons why this is more fun compare to the former.

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PRJ666 (Project Management)

I Developed iOS mobile application for Zymurgy Systems with complete software development cycle as a member of a team of 4 developers. Links to Project Initiative Document, Development, Testing, User Guide. Click to see full user guide of the app.