Splitify – chrome extension to split a webpage for wide screen

I created this chrome extension that splits the webpage that uses the wide screen more effectively. Extract the zip file and install the extension. [Read more…]

ASP.NET MVC3 Application Project

ASP.NET MVC3 Application for a typical recruitment company. The company has many employees who can work for a certain client company. Many to Many relationship between employee and client. The models are made using code first entity framework 4.1 Iteration 1: Model class files completed. Basic site working. Needs Authentication to be added. Iteration 2: Jquery was added. Some ajax features added. JQueryUI was added to get a thematic look. Jquery full calendar plugin was added to the homepage. I am hosting it on my home server, torontoworkforce.veryusefulinfo.com for demo purposes. If is down, then probably my computer is shut off or I may have shut the server down temporarily to work on the computer. Iteration 3: User authentication added.