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Just about a couple of weeks ago, I released a free android app called ‘Capital City to Country Quiz’. There are a bunch similar apps in the Google Play Store. The main difference at the time of this writing about my quiz app is that the quiz is set opposite. Most of the capital cities app shows country name to player and the player has to guess the capital city. In the app I created, it shows the capital name and the player has to guess the country. There are few reasons why this is more fun compare to the former.

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How to get the real time bus location for sf muni:)

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If statement is not always followed by a condition in java

This code will compile and run. Notice the assignment operator(=) in the condition.

boolean a;
boolean b = true;
   //do anything;
   //this compiles

But this won’t compile

int a;
int b = 5;
   //notice its still = not ==
   //do anything;
   //this does not compile

The reason is because the previous code’s a is of

type and the latter’s is of

statement is not necessarily followed by a condition.
is not a condition. Its an assignment. But it works if the left variable (i.e. a) is of a boolean type.

So its better if we think

instead of
. Anyway, a condition like a==b or a>b etc will result a boolean result.

Toronto 2013 Blackout shelter places on Google map

About 200,000 or more Torontonians are suffering blackout right now.(December 23, 2013). I am writing this in candle light with a little bit of battery left on my phone and laptop by using tethering the internet of my phone to the laptop.

If you are on the road in this freezing weather and need to find a closest shelter, check this map I created on google map. The list is as per emailed to me by the toronto city’s newsletter. I may not be able to update when the list changes in future, so please after finding the location on the map. Call them to verify.

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Splitify – chrome extension to split a webpage for wide screen

I created this chrome extension that splits the webpage that uses the wide screen more effectively. Extract the zip file and install the extension. [Read more…]