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OpenStreetMap – Wikipedia for maps

OpenStreetMap is a website for collaborative mapping. I just signed up and spent about an hour editing the map nearby my apartment and workplaces. It was so much fun. Added a bunch of bus stops, library, grocery supermarkets and banks. Its good that we have an alternative to Google map and it belongs to no one and everyone.

List of online courses sites

CanopyLAB is an interactive learning LAB for youth from across the world
Data Camp
CourseSites MOOC Catalog
Berkeley Webcasts:
Carnegie Mellon:
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Google play store update not receiving for alpha or beta tester

If your testers are not receiving the update option for alpha or beta testing, try the following
  • Make sure you followed Google’s instruction correctly. That is, a) Create google group b) Add the tester to the group c) Make sure tester accepts to be a tester
  • If your tester has several Google accounts in his/her phone, then either add all these accounts as testers or remove non tester accounts from the phone. ‘Application already exists’ notification error shows up if you have any non testing Google account in the device. It is just┬ábest┬áto have only one Google account in the device which is the testing account.

Customizing linux terminal colors

Add the following to ~/.bashrc

alias ls='ls --color'
export LS_COLORS

Then execute .bashrc to apply the changes.

source ~/.bashrc
0   = default colour
1   = bold
4   = underlined
5   = flashing text
7   = reverse field
31  = red
32  = green
33  = orange
34  = blue
35  = purple
36  = cyan
37  = grey
40  = black background
41  = red background
42  = green background
43  = orange background
44  = blue background
45  = purple background
46  = cyan background
47  = grey background
90  = dark grey
91  = light red
92  = light green
93  = yellow
94  = light blue
95  = light purple
96  = turquoise
100 = dark grey background
101 = light red background
102 = light green background
103 = yellow background
104 = light blue background
105 = light purple background
106 = turquoise background

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