Splitify – chrome extension to split a webpage for wide screen

I created this chrome extension that splits the webpage that uses the wide screen more effectively. Extract the zip file and install the extension. [Read more…]

Flash Game for Flash Programming class

Yes, indeed..flash is dying. But this class was fun. Simon is a good teacher. Ali and I worked together on this project. This game uses OOP for all character and the game. Sorry, we didn’t put the Mute option for the sound. I did all the graphics in about 3 hours. Ali’s strong physics knowledge was very useful for the dynamics of the arrow in the game.
Get Source Code.

Simple Java Minesweeper Game.

This was the final assignment for JAC444 at Seneca. Its a simple minesweeper java applet game. Kyle and I worked on this together. I realized team of 2 is better than 1 or 2+. In pair programming, one of the programmer types the codes while the other look over his mistakes and makes sure they are working in right direction. Sort of like rally driving, one person drives while the other gives navigation information. This game could use some improvement for rendering. Download Source

ASP.NET MVC3 Application Project

ASP.NET MVC3 Application for a typical recruitment company. The company has many employees who can work for a certain client company. Many to Many relationship between employee and client. The models are made using code first entity framework 4.1 Iteration 1: Model class files completed. Basic site working. Needs Authentication to be added. Iteration 2: Jquery was added. Some ajax features added. JQueryUI was added to get a thematic look. Jquery full calendar plugin was added to the homepage. I am hosting it on my home server, torontoworkforce.veryusefulinfo.com for demo purposes. If is down, then probably my computer is shut off or I may have shut the server down temporarily to work on the computer. Iteration 3: User authentication added.

PRJ666 (Project Management)

I Developed iOS mobile application for Zymurgy Systems with complete software development cycle as a member of a team of 4 developers. Links to Project Initiative Document, Development, Testing, User Guide. Click to see full user guide of the app.